Recommendations in Progress

The following topics are in review and development with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force). The purpose of a review is to update a recommendation based on new research or to add a new recommendation to the Task Force library.

Every recommendation involves several stages of development. The diagram below outlines the current status for each topic now under review. The review process takes into account input from the medical and research community, stakeholders, and the general public.

The length of time for the entire recommendation process varies depending on the amount and type of available evidence and the time required for compilation of data into a draft recommendation, public comment periods and consideration of comments, and in-depth review and discussions among Task Force members.

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Status of Active Topics

Topics under review and development are a clickable list below.

Developing the Draft Recommendation Statement

Systematic Review

  • EPC independently gathers and reviews the available published evidence
  • Evidence review is critiqued by external national subject matter experts

Draft Recommendation Development

  • USPSTF topic workgroup discusses the evidence and drafts a preliminary recommendation

Full Task Force Review

  • Evidence review and draft recommendation are presented to the full Task Force
  • All members discuss draft recommendation statement
  • Topic workgroup drafts the full recommendation language, including clinical considerations and discussion

Public Comment Opportunity

  • The evidence review and draft recommendation are posted on the USPSTF Web site for public comment

Topics Currently in this Stage

Topics Currently in this Stage

There are no topics at this stage now.