The USPSTF welcomes you to provide comments and nominations related to the work of the Task Force.

Submit Public Comments

Submit Public Comments

Task Force recommendations are developed with input from the public. You are invited to provide comments on the following:  

  • Draft research plans
  • Draft evidence reviews
  • Draft recommendation statements

The Task Force reviews all comments and considers them while making any necessary revisions to each.

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Nominate a New USPSTF Member

Nominate a New USPSTF Member

Organizations and individuals may nominate one or more persons qualified for membership on the USPSTF. Interested individuals can self nominate.

To learn more about the requirements and to make a nomination, please visit the AHRQ site.

Nominate a Member

Nominate a Recommendation Statement Topic

Nominate a Recommendation Topic

Anyone can nominate a new topic or an update to an existing topic at any time. The Task Force prioritizes topics based on several criteria, including:

  • The topic’s relevance to prevention and primary care
  • Importance for public health
  • Potential impact
  • New evidence that may change a current recommendation
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