Current Processes: Refining Evidence-based Recommendation Development - Table 3

Table 3. Types of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Reviewsa

Category of Topic Definition Example
New Topic has not been reviewed previously by USPSTF. Genetic testing for BRCA
Full or targeted The USPSTF has made a recommendation on the topic previously and decides to use resources to keep it current; scope of update depends on amount of new evidence, complexity of the topic, controversies. Chlamydia screening
Reaffirmation The USPSTF has made a recommendation on the topic previously. Topics in this category are well-established, evidence-based standards of care in current medicine practice. Although the USPSTF would like these recommendations to remain current, it recognizes that there is likely to be little or no new evidence and opts for a brief evidence review. Such recommendations would previously have been a grade A or D recommendation (occasionally, grade B). Hypertension and phenylketonuria
Referral to others The USPSTF previously made a recommendation on this topic but has decided to refer to other organizations because:
1. The recommended service is the standard of care and the USPSTF would have little impact.
2. The topic is not a USPSTF priority and another organization has been identified by USPSTF that has resources for the timely review of this topic.
Child immunizations (refer to Advisory Council on Immunization Practices)
Inactive The USPSTF previously made a recommendation on this topic but determines that:
1. The service is no longer relevant to clinical practice (changes in technology, new understanding of disease etiology or natural history of disease).
2. The service is not relevant to the primary care setting (not implemented in primary care setting or not referable by a primary care clinician).
3. The target condition has a low public health burden.
4. The topic is otherwise beyond the scope of the USPSTF.
Home uterine monitoring


a AHRQ = Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; EPC = Evidence-based Practice Center; USPSTF = U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Current as of: June 2007

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