USPSTF Recommendations Development Process: A Graphic Overview

Image shows the 5 steps to finalizing a USPSTF topic recommendation.

  1. Review Topic Nominations
    • Anyone can nominate a new topic for review at any time.
    • USPSTF reviews nominated topics for relevance to and impact on prevention, primary care and public health.
    • USPSTF selects and prioritizes topics for review.
  2. Develop Draft Research Plan
    • Once a topic is prioritized for review, USPSTF and an Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) develop a research plan and seek expert input.
    • USPSTF posts the draft research plan to website for public comment.
  3. Review Public Comments & Finalize Research Plan
    • USPSTF and EPC review all comments carefully and revise the research plan.
    • USPSTF posts the final research plan to website.
  4. Review Evidence & Develop Draft Recommendation
    • EPC analyzes peer-reviewed evidence; develops a draft evidence review.
    • USPSTF assess EPC-gathered evidence, weighing effectiveness and benefits/harms and develops a draft recommendation statement.
    • USPSTF posts the draft recommendation statement and EPC evidence review to its website for public comment.
  5. Review Public Comments & Finalize Recommendation
    • USPSTF and EPC consider all comments on the draft evidence review, then EPC finalizes.
    • USPSTF considers all comments on the draft recommendation statement, then finalizes.
    • USPSTF posts the final recommendation statement and evidence summary to website and publishes in a peer-reviewed journal.

Current as of May 2021