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Methods and Processes

The Task Force is committed to using a clear, consistent, and transparent recommendation development process so that health care professionals, partners, and the American public can understand and trust its work. The Task Force documents its methods in a procedure manual and other resources to ensure that the recommendations and evidence reviews are consistently of high quality, methodologically sound, scientifically defensible, reproducible, and unbiased. This page includes links to resources and published articles about Task Force methods.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Procedure Manual

Procedure manualLearn about the methods used by the Task Force to ensure that the recommendations and evidence reviews are scientifically sound, reproducible, and well documented.

Standards for Guideline Development

Learn how the Task Force’s processes align with the National Academy of Medicine's recommendations for trustworthy, evidence-based guideline development.

Key Methods and Processes Information

General Methods Articles

Read articles that provide further details on the Task Force’s methodology.

5/15/2019 What Evidence Do We Need Before Recommending Routine Screening for Social Determinants of Health?
12/15/2017 AJPM Supplement: Advancing the Methods of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
7/5/2016 Use of Decision Models in the Development of Evidence-Based Clinical Preventive Services Recommendations (PDF File, 202 KB)
9/1/2015 Behavioral Counseling in Primary Care: Perspectives in Enhancing the Evidence Base
3/18/2014 Behavioral Counseling Research and Evidence-Based Practice Recommendations
6/1/2009 USPSTF: An Evidence-Based Prevention Resource for Nurse Practitioners (PDF File, 510 KB)
2/3/2009 Update on Methods: Insufficient Evidence (PDF File, 229 KB)
12/18/2007 Update on Methods: Estimating Certainty and Magnitude of Net Benefit (PDF File, 90 KB)
7/17/2007 Current Processes: Refining Evidence-Based Recommendation Development (PDF File, 101 KB)
7/17/2007 Update on Methods: How to Read the New Recommendation Statement (PDF File, 302 KB)
3/1/2007 Integrating Evidence-Based Clinical and Community Strategies to Improve Health (PDF File, 378 KB)
1/1/2004 Shared Decisionmaking About Screening and Chemoprevention (PDF File, 106 KB)
5/1/2002 Behavioral Counseling Interventions: An Evidence-Based Approach (PDF File, 178 KB)
4/1/2001 Current Methods of the USPSTF: A Review of the Process (PDF File, 274 KB)
4/1/2001 AJPM Supplement: Introducing the Third U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Note: All publications are reflections of the Task Force’s methods at the time of publication. For current Task Force methods, please refer to the Task Force’s Procedure Manual.

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Current as of: June 2018

Internet Citation: Methods and Processes. U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. June 2019.

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