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Effectiveness of Weight Management Interventions in Children: A Targeted Systematic Review for the USPSTF

Figure 2. Abstract disposition summary

Flow chart showing process and criteria of which literature was included in this analysis. Abstracts reviewed: (n = 2786); Articles reviewed from outside sources: (n = 254); Total articles reviewed (n = 369)(a); Fork 1: Articles reviewed: behavioral interventions (n = 225); Articles excluded (n = 207). Articles included: behavioral interventions (n = 15 studies in 18 articles); Fork 2: Articles reviewed: pharmacologic interventions (n = 47) Articles excluded (n = 35). Articles included: pharmacologic interventions (n = 10 studies in 12 articles(b).

a The number of articles reviewed is inclusive of bariatric-surgery articles.
b Includes studies in high risk populations discussed in full report.40

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