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Figure 1a. Steps in Topic Prioritization

Figure depicts the following steps following 'Identify all existing topics more than 2 years since last review': Step 1: TP WG reviews 1- to 2-page Background Paper. Step 2: TP WG assigns tentative category (active, inactive, refer). New topics prioritized as high by TF enter here. Step 3: Feedback requested from stakeholders on all active topics. Step 4: TP WG assigns tentative priority level (low, moderate, high). Step 5. Full USPSTF votes on category and priority level. At the bottom of the figure is 'Active topics placed into review queue based on priority level' and an arrow pointing back to Step 2 with a note, 'Repeat yearly for topics not selected for review in preceding year.'

Note: TP WG = Topic Prioritization Workgroup.

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