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Prenatal Screening for HIV

Appendix Table. Base-Case Assumptions for Outcomes Tables (Table 4) of Counseling and One-Time Screening for HIV Infection in Pregnant Womena

Base-Case Assumptions Values Used in Outcomes Table Source, Year (Reference)
Prevalence of HIV infection Low-risk: 0.15%
High-risk: 5%
CDC, 200226 Lindegren, et al., 19993 Fehrs, et al., 198828 Barbacci, et al., 199029
Accuracy of standard testing ≥ 99% CDC, 199042 CDC, 198941
Proportion of patients receiving test results 91% Joo, et al., 200076
Proportion of patients receiving antiretroviral prophylaxis 60%-90% CDC, 200478 CDC, 200279 Wade, et al., 200480 Fiscus, et al., 200281 Cooper, et al., 200282
Proportion of patients receiving elective cesarean section 37%-50% Fiscus, et al., 200281 Dominguez, et al., 200383 CDC, 200478
Rate of mother-to-child transmission in absence of interventions 14%-25% Working Group on Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV, 199584
Relative risk for mother-to-child-transmission with highly active antiretroviral therapy compared to no antiretroviral therapy 0.13(95% CI, 0.06-0.27) European Collaborative Study, 200589
Rate of postpartum complications in HIV-infected women delivering vaginally 10.3%(95% CI, 8.39%-12.6%) Read, et al., 2001132
Relative risk for postpartum complications from elective cesarean section 2.62%(95% CI, 1.61%-4.20%) Read, et al., 2001132

aCDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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