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Evidence Syntheses and Systematic Evidence Reviews

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To obtain Evidence Syntheses (formerly known as Systematic Evidence Reviews) in their native format, you may download them from this page as PDF or zipped files.

PDF File Tips

Some reports are presented in a multiple-file PDF format. After selecting PDF Files, the Table of Contents will appear. To access a chapter, move your cursor to it and the cursor will change into a finger. Select the link. You can navigate by scrolling or by using the Thumbnails tab on the left. To return to the Table of Contents, press the Back button on your browser.

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Unzipping and Using Files

To unzip the file downloaded to your computer, use Windows® Explorer (Windows® 95 or newer) or File Manager (Windows® 3.x) to locate the file, and then double click on it.

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Evidence Syntheses and Systematic Evidence Review Files

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: Screening
     PDF File (322 KB)

Anemia, Iron Deficiency: Screening
     PDF File (350 KB)

Aspirin or Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs for the Primary Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
     PDF File (3.6 MB)

BRCA Mutation Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Genetic Risk Assessment
     PDF File (3.6 MB)

Cervical Cancer: Screening
     PDF file (2.65 MB)

Chlamydia Infection: Screening
     PDF file (210 KB)

Coronary Heart Disease: Screening
     PDF file (2 MB)

Dementia: Screening
     PDF file (2.8 MB)

Depression: Screening
     PDF File (2.3 MB

Diet: Counseling
     PDF file (2.9 MB)

Drug Use: Screening
     Systematic Review PDF File (2 MB)
     Supplemental Evidence Update PDF File (230 KB)

Family Violence: Screening
     PDF file (1.2 MB)

Glaucoma: Screening
     PDF File (200 KB)

Hepatitis C Virus Infection: Screening
     PDF file (1 MB)

Hip, Developmental Dysplasia: Screening
     PDF file (1.2 MB)

HIV: Screening
     Adolescents and Adults: PDF File (1.6 MB)
     Pregnant Women: PDF File (900 KB)

Hormone Replacement Therapy
     Breast Cancer: PDF file (2.2 MB)
     Cognition: PDF file (1.6 MB)
     Osteoporosis: PDF file (460 KB)
     Risk of Venous Thromboembolism: PDF file (1.6 MB)

Lead Levels in Childhood and Pregnancy: Screening

Lung Cancer: Screening
     PDF file (1.4 MB)

Motor Vehicle Occupant Restraints and Avoidance of Alcohol Use While Driving: Counseling

Obesity in Adults: Screening
     PDF File (900 KB)

Osteoporosis: Screening

Overweight in Children and Adolescents, Screening and Interventions
     PDF File (3.5 MB)

Physical Activity: Behavioral Counseling in Primary Care

Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cardiovascular Disease
     PDF file (1.4 MB)

Speech and Language Delay in Preschool Children: Screening
     PDF File (1.3 MB)

Suicide Risk: Screening
     PDF File (248 KB)

Thyroid Disease: Screening
     PDF File (320 KB)

Visual Impairment in Children Ages 0-5: Screening
     PDF File (495 KB)

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