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Our Partners

“The USPSTF’s recommendations are considered the ‘gold standard’ for clinical preventive services... We fully support the USPSTF as an independent body to apply rigor and objectivity to the analysis of clinical preventive care ... Our common goal is to improve the health of all Americans, and we believe the Task Force is the best way to ensure clinical preventive recommendations are guided by science.”

—The American Academy of Family Physicians

As part of its efforts to make its work as transparent as possible and enhance the accuracy and relevance of its recommendations, the Task Force works with a group of dissemination and implementation partners. These partner organizations represent primary care clinicians, consumer organizations, and other stakeholders involved in the delivery of primary care.

Partners help the Task Force ensure that its recommendations are meaningful to the groups that partners represent. Partners are also a powerful vehicle for ensuring that America's primary care workforce remains up to date on USPSTF recommendations.

Current partners and others interested in learning more about the Task Force can find helpful materials on the Task Force 101 Resources page and the Tools for Primary Care Practice page.

A list of the Task Force's dissemination and implementation partners is below.

Primary Care Partners

Policy, Population, and Quality Improvement Partners

Current as of May 2013

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