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Counseling: Diet

Appendix. Literature Search Strategy and Search Results

Appendix Table 1. Search Strategy

Step Search History Number of Articles
1. exp counseling 17,519
2. exp diet or exp nutrition 149,189
3. 1 and 2 655
4. dietary counseling
or diet counseling
or nutrition counseling
5. 3 or 4 1,043
6. limit 5 to human and English language 923
7. limit 6 to randomized controlled trial 115
8. exp randomized controlled trial
or exp single-blind method
or exp double-blind method
or exp random allocation
9. 6 and 8 30
10. 7 or 9 129

Appendix Table 2. Articles Excluded for Review in This Report, by Author and Reason for Exclusion

Author, Year Reason for exclusion
Aubin et al., 199835 No control group
Bakx et al., 199736 17 year follow-up of a one-time intervention in 1977
Barratt et al., 199437 Nonclinical intervention (worksite)
Brannon et al., 199738 No control group
Burr et al., 198939 Postmyocardial infarction subjects
Caggiula et al., 199640 No diet outcomes
Calfas et al., 200041 No true control group; comparable diet outcomes not presented
Campbell et al., 199842 Patients with known cardiovascular disease
Cupples and McKnight, 199443 Patients with angina
Crouch et al., 198644 No diet outcomes
DeBusk et al., 199445 Postmyocardial infarction subjects
De Lorgeril et al., 199446 Postmyocardial infarction subjects
Dyson et al., 199747 No control group
Ershoff et al., 198348 No diet outcomes
Family Heart Study Group, 199449 No diet outcomes
Fletcher, 198750 Postmyocardial infarction subjects
Ford and Sciamanna, 199719 Not an intervention (editorial)
Foreyt et al., 197951 No control group; no diet outcomes
George et al., 199352 No diet outcomes
Gosselin et al., 199653 No diet outcomes
Heller et al., 198954 No diet outcomes
Heller et al., 199455 Poor quality due to differential loss to follow-up
Henkin et al., 200056 No diet outcomes
Hjermann et al., 198157 No diet outcomes for full study population
Howard-Pitney et al., 199758 Nonclinical intervention
Hunt et al., 197659 Prenatal care patients only
Kuehl et al., 199360 No control group
Lee-Han et al., 198861 Patients with breast dysplasia
Luepker et al., 197862 No diet outcomes
Lytle et al., 199663 Nonclinical intervention
Masley et al., 200164 Patients with known cardiovascular disease
Miettinen et al., 198565 No diet outcomes
MRFIT Investigators, 198266 No diet outcomes
Naglak et al., 199867 No control group
Neil et al., 199568 No diet outcomes
Neyses et al., 198569 No diet outcomes
Nikolaus et al., 199170 Three week inpatient metabolic ward study
Ornish 199871 Control group information not available
Ornish et al., 199072 Patients with known cardiovascular disease
OXCHECK Study Group 199473
OXCHECK Study Group 199574
No control group
Pritchard et al., 199975 No diet outcomes
Ridgeway et al., 199976 No diet outcomes
Shannon et al., 199477 Non-comparable groups
Smith et al., 197678 No diet outcomes
Tershakovec et al., 199879 Non-comparable groups
Tomson et al., 199580 No diet outcomes
Waber et al., 198181 No diet outcomes
Winkleby et al., 199782 Nonclinical intervention

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